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    Decommissioning Procedure


    In case of longer operating pauses please observe the instructions in the user manuals of WMF Coffee Machines, WMF add on units and WMF accessories!


    If you take your coffee machine out of operation for a longer period of time we recommend the procedure described below. Please note that the corresponding preparation depends on the respective WMF device and its configuration.



    WMF Coffee Machines

    1. Please carry out a complete cleaning of your coffee machine (incl. milk system). Please repeat the complete cleaning cycle a second time.

    2. Disconnect the machine from power supply (pull mains plug)

    3. Close on-site water supply resp. empty water tank of tank machines (please note that the tank filter must be replaced when the machine is put back into operation, as it must not be dry)
    4. Depending on machine type and configuration, please remove the removable parts such as, for example, milk foamer, milk hoses, steam nozzle, powder mixer, brewer, grounds container, bean/ground coffee/topping/choc hoppers according to instructions in user manual, clean them and allow them to dry outside the machine. These parts can then be reinstalled. Please note: On some machines individual components cannot be removed! Observe user manual!
    5. Clean and dry machine interior behind the grounds container
    6. In case of coffee machines with grounds disposal through counter, please clean the disposal and the container itself.
    7. In case of coffee machines with external water supply, please empty the external fresh water and waste water tank and clean them according to instructions.
    8. Place machines from locations where there is a risk of frost in a protected area resp. contact technician for frost protection.



    Coolers and Cup&Cool Units

    1. Switch off cooler resp. cup&cool and disconnect from power supply.
    2. Empty and clean milk container. Store dry outside cooler.
    3. Clean the interior of the cooler with a damp cloth, afterwards rub dry.
    4. Leave the door of the cooler a bit open in order to avoid possible odour.



    Syrup Station

    1. Carry out syrup cleaning (part of the coffee machine cleaning program)
    2. Remove syrup bottles
    3. Clean and dry syrup station
    4. Leave syrup station with open door in order to avoid possible residual moisture.



    External storage urn (thermal container)

    1. Please empty stoarge urns and clean them according to instructions in the user manual.




    1. Open on-site water supply. Connect machine to power supply.
    2. Rinse filter system according to instructions (see advice user manual water filter)

      Advice concerning water filter in combination with fixed water supply

      • After longer operating pauses, please rinse the filter system with at least 20 liters of water.
      • If the filter system has been out of operation for more than 4 weeks, a new filter cartridge must be inserted.


      Advice concerning water filter in combination with tank machines

      • In case of tank machines: Insert a new cartridge according to the instructions in the user manual.


    4. Check whether all parts after having been removed and cleaned are reinstalled correctly
    5. Then carry out two complete machine cleaning cycles
    6. Afterwards, the coffee machine can be put back into operation.



    Recommendation for machine care in case of longer machine downtime (fixed water supply)


    The filter change (advice concerning water filter – see above) can be avoided if you carry out the following tasks every two days:

    • Connect machine to power supply
    • Open water supply
    • Switch on machine and dispense hot water at least 5 times
    • Carry out system cleaning without cleaning tablet
    • Switch off machine
    • Disconnect machine from power supply (unplug)
    • Close water supply


    WMF recommends not to switch on the coffee machine only on the day of re-opening. Please test the function beforehand in order to contact your technician if required.


    Additional information:
    These instructions/advice reduce the probability of damage caused by a longer machine downtime. However, damage cannot be excluded. If damage occurs due to the downtime, its repair is not covered free of charge in the full maintenance contract.



    Download Service Information

    Steps to shut down your WMF coffee equipment (PDF 250KB)