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Do you have any questions?

Our WMF service is happy to help you.


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Do you have any questions?

Our WMF service is happy to help you.

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    System technology

    System technology

    Customized coffee machine configuration. With specifically tailored WMF system technologies, you can to cater to your customers’ needs even better. Whichever types of milk you use, the WMF milk and steam systems ensure you always get consistently top results. So, why not customize your offer via telemetry and simplify the interaction between man and machine! With our WMF system technologies you always get the most out for your daily business.

    New: Prepare coffee specialities as well as fresh filtered coffee with just one bean to cup machine with the new WMF Fresh Filtered Coffee technology!


    WMF Cup Sensor

    Intelligent coffee service, thanks to smart cup recognition. The Cup Sensor recognises the cup placed on the drip tray, moving the automatic spout to precisely the right distance above it.

    WMF Chilled Coffee

    This ingenious system lets you serve a new range of speciality beverages made with chilled coffee.

    WMF Fresh Filtered Coffee

    Produce both excellent coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee using a single machine for the first time with WMF's innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee option!

    WMF Milk Systems

    However your customers like their hot or cold coffee or milk specialities, WMF has the solution to always guarantee the best beverage quality.

    Basic Milk
    Easy Milk
    Dynamic Milk

    WMF Steam Systems

    Our integrated steam systems add another dimension to your WMF professional coffee machine, allowing you to offer as wide a variety of beverages as possible.

    Basic Steam
    Easy Steam
    Auto Steam

    WMF Cleaning Systems

    To meet your needs, we have created a series of HACCP-compliant cleaning systems for the milk systems of our machines, each one engineered to optimize efficiency and ease of use. Just select the one that best serves your business.

    Basic Clean
    Easy Clean
    Clean in Place