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Do you have any questions?

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Do you have any questions?

Our WMF service is happy to help you.

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    WMF Self-Payment Solutions

    WMF Cup Sensor


    Connected solutions, to future-proof your coffee business.

    Digitalisation is revolutionising markets everywhere. And as the global leader in professional coffee machines, WMF is at the forefront of digital innovation in the sector. From state-of-the-art mobile payment solutions to industry-leading system integration tools, we provide a range of easy-to-use personalised services to improve the appeal, efficiency and profitability of your coffee business.


    Mobile payment

    WMF Cup SensorWe are rapidly moving towards a cashless future. And with WMF solutions, you can get ahead of the game. We can help you take advantage of new opportunities, with smart, user-friendly, mobile payment systems. Our solutions let you set up self-service checkouts where consumers pay for their beverages, without providing additional hardware or additional staff. As well as supporting leading mobile payment apps like AliPay, WeChatPay and many others, we can develop tailored solutions. Customised dynamic QR Code creation enables a wide range of possibilities. For example, we can integrate your chosen payment solution with your existing loyalty app. In addition, our framework allows for beverage personalisation, voucher scanning and more.


    System integration

    WMF Cup SensorOur framework is ideal for unmanned stores and “coffee box” systems with or without robotic arms, opening the door to a whole series of advantages, from control over beverage dispensing, beverage modification and other machine functions to the transmission of machine status information.


    Available with WMF Coffee Connect

    WMF’s innovative digital platform enables you to take advantage of digitalisation and the IoT to make your coffee business even more profitable.



    • Best-in-class overall solution capable of satisfying all customer needs
    • Simplifies beverage ordering for consumers
    • Enhances the appeal of your venue and increases consumer loyalty
    • Easy to manage for you, easy to use for consumers
    • Leading payment solutions like WeChatPay and AliPay integrated in software
    • Implement our framework in your own customer app with dynamic QR code creation
    • Customisable system integration that works with or without robotic arm
    • State-of-the-art connectivity


    Please note that our product range also includes standard payment solutions such as Coin Checkers and Card Readers.

    Download WMF Self-payment Solution Flyer:

    WMF Self-payment Solution Flyer (PDF 330KB)