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    WMF Cup Sensor

    WMF Cup Sensor


    Intelligent coffee service, thanks to smart cup recognition

    A truly smart coffee machine adapts to every cup. Available as an option with the WMF 5000 S+ and the WMF 1500 S+, the Cup Sensor recognises the cup placed on the drip tray, moving the automatic spout to precisely the right distance above it. The machine can even preselect specific beverages or sizes based on the cup used, eliminating the need for manual selection and minimising the risk of overfilling. So your customers enjoy smooth service, and you enjoy maximum operational efficiency.


    How the cup sensor works

    WMF Cup SensorThis sophisticated feature can be used in various different ways, depending on your needs. In one mode, the selected beverage will only be served if the sensor detects a cup is in place – very handy in self-service venues. In a second mode, the machine detects the cup and then automatically adjusts the spout to the correct distance from the top of it – ideal for venues where the same beverage is dispensed into many different-sized cups, like offices. In the third mode, the sensor recognises the height of the cup being used and consequently the display menu only shows beverages corresponding to that size of cup. In this mode, the spout moves automatically to the preset height for each recipe, saving time and effort.

    Your benefits of the cup sensor:

    No beverage will be dispensed without a cup, so waste and cleaning are reduced.


    The correct beverage type is automatically selected based on the cup used, maximising ease of use.


    The risk of overfilling is minimised by automatic detection of cup size.


    The sensor protects the cup and spout from damage and ensures consistent beverage quality.


    Every drink travels the shortest distance to the cup, so is served at the perfect temperature.


    Fewer splashes occur and less cleaning is required, as the sensor optimises the distance from spout to cup.


    Available to:

    WMF 5000 S+

    WMF 1500 S+ *


    * Only available for WMF 1500 S+ with "Dynamic Milk" system or self-service package.

    Download WMF Cup Sensor Flyer:

    WMF Cup Sensor Flyer (PDF 285 KB)