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    CoffeeConnect Portal

    CoffeeConnect Portal

    Coffee excellence meets digital solutions.

    The WMF CoffeeConnect portal makes professional coffee machines even more efficient and allows them to be managed centrally. It serves as the database for all product and process data, thus laying the foundation for sustainable business models.

    Sales figures as well as service information and error messages can be viewed at any time and from any location. Special promotional offers, for example, can be sent from a central location directly to the display of selected machines in response. This means that processes related to the management and operation of the coffee machines can be significantly optimised.

    Access to our portal is provided as standard when you purchase a “WMF CoffeeConnect Inside” coffee machine.

    A team of experts works exclusively on the continuous development of this service and offers expert and individual customer service.



    Benefits of the portal:

    IoT applications can be used with no up-front investment necessary

    Transparency with regard to coffee business performance makes it easier to understand consumption

    Machine can be managed remotely

    Provides an overview of the machine status and allows a large number of machines to be managed




    Bob · Facility Manager

    Bob is responsible for ensuring that all machines operate smoothly. He uses WMF CoffeeConnect to keep an eye on errors and tasks.


    Melanie · Food Chain Manager

    Melanie works for a fast food chain and her goal is to generate sales for her company using WMF coffee machines.



    Use our portal

    The WMF CoffeeConnect digital platform is included as standard with virtually all WMF professional coffee machines. If you have already purchased a WMF professional coffee machine, most models can be retrofitted with the WMF CoffeeConnect module at any time.





    If you have any questions about WMF CoffeeConnect, feel free to get in touch with us:


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