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    WMF Code of Conduct

    Foreword from the Executive Leadership Team

    For more than 160 years, the brands that make up the WMF Group have represented the best in cooking, drinking and dining. Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world use WMF, Silit and Kaiser products to prepare food, cook, bake, eat and drink in the comfort of their own home. And when they are not doing that, they are enjoying coffee specialities and foods prepared by the hotel and catering industry using products from WMF, Schaerer or Hepp.
    Our employees are passionate about bringing people together, whether at home, on the move or at high-end restaurants, in order to give them shared moments that are both precious and delicious. This is all possible thanks to our products, whose exceptional design, perfect functionality and highest quality provide wonderful culinary experiences.
    Almost 6,000 employees provide culinary pleasure at over 40 locations worldwide. Our success is thanks to the focused work of all our colleagues who make sure that we remain innovative and oriented towards our customers and that we adhere to our promises. For more than 160 years they have worked to provide consistent quality and ensure that we adhere to ethical principles. 

    We are one of the leading premium brand companies and our strength lies in the trust that our customers, business partners, employees, suppliers and the general public place in us. And long may they continue to do so. Consistent commitment to the values of trustworthiness and reliability, to ethical standards and to the principle of legality and legitimacy is extremely important.

    Focus upon these values connects WMF Group employees across all national borders. We have developed this Code of Conduct in order to emphasise the importance of this joint commitment. It explains how we must conduct ourselves in line with statutory provisions and with regard to key ethical issues, while emphasising our expectation that all employees feel bound to comply with the code. Breaches of statutory provisions and of our Code of Conduct will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

    The Code of Conduct is made available to all WMF Group employees. In case of doubt please contact the Compliance Coordinator, the responsible department (e.g. the legal department or the data protection officers) or the relevant business unit that reports directly into the Executive Leadership Team. We are all responsible for the development of our company‘s reputation. Our shared values and the Code of Conduct provide a firm basis for this.

    Download the Code of Conduct of WMF Group