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    Success since 1927

    Success since 1927

    In May 1927, the first series of large-scale WMF coffee machines were manufactured in what was then a subsidiary company in the German town of Göppingen. Since that time, WMF coffee machines have become a permanent fixture on the market.


    A success story

    Thanks to their technical innovations, the engineers in the WMF coffee machine development team succeeded in tapping into more and more new markets and inspiring generations of coffee machine owner.



    A technological revolution.

    For the catering world of the 1920s and 1930s, coffee machines represented a technological revolution.



    For the first time, coffee machines were built with a dual-boiler system and manufactured from a new material called Cromargan.



    Modular design.

    In 1951, WMF coffee machines could for the first time be manufactured and customised according to customer specifications.


    Since the very beginning...

    ...Tradition. Whether serving up your latest specialities or maintaining a high output matters to you, at WMF the equipment and services provided by our machines are designed to meet your needs and your customers’ preferences.




    Customer satisfaction.

    Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority and always has been: we employed our first customer service representative in all of Germany back in 1945. We remain committed to these principles today.


    WMF customer service

    One of the major reasons for our success since the 1950s has been our in-house customer service team. Over 300 of our employees are at your service every day.