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    WMF Filter Coffee Machine – 9000 F

    WMF 9000 F

    The powerful solution for filtered coffee on a grand scale.

    The new WMF 9000 F automatic filter coffee machine ensures first-class moments of pleasure for the mass catering sector. Despite its slim dimensions, the powerhouse impresses with an output of up to 100 litres per hour, and the boiler also guarantees that coffee lovers never have to wait long for their beverages.

    With the option of two different types of coffee and the choice of different brewing batches on the quantity brewing arm or the pot brewing arm, the new WMF 9000 F provides a flexible response to all requirements in every field. For dispensing smaller amounts of hot water, users will find the spout directly below the generous 10-inch touch display.

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    Automatic cleaning granulate dosing

    Automatic cleaning granulate dosing

    With the newly developed cleaning granulate dispenser, the entire cleaning process is carried out efficiently and with almost no manual intervention.

    Everything always available at a glance

    Everything always available at a glance

    The 10-inch multimedia touch display leaves nothing to be desired in terms of usability. Users navigate completely intuitively through the logically structured menu, with large product buttons making daily operations a breeze. A toolbar also gives access to all important preset customisation options.

    Hot water in small quantities

    Hot water in small quantities

    Tea enthusiasts will also get their money’s worth with the WMF 9000 F. Positioned directly underneath the front panel, the fully automatic machine offers an individually adjustable hot water dispensing, even for small quantities.

    Two coffee types for twice the taste

    Two coffee types for twice the taste

    Individual tastes vary, even with filter coffee. For this reason, the ground coffee portioner offers the opportunity to use two different coffee types – such as decaffeinated and regular ground coffee. If the user only uses one type, however, the fully automatic machine offers twice the capacity, especially at peak times.

    Quantity brewing arm

    Quantity brewing arm

    The brewing process of the WMF 9000 F allows the setting of individual brewing batches from 1 to 5 litres. Users can choose between coffee preparation via the quantity brewing arm or the pot brewing arm.

    Pot brewing arm for pots up to 2.8 litres

    Pot brewing arm for pots up to 2.8 litres

    During preparation via the pot brewing arm, the coffee flowing out of the brewer is filled directly into a positioned pot of up to 2.8 litres capacity. There is also the option to use the smart brewing process to ensure optimum usage of the coffee grounds by selecting a longer contact time.

    WMF CoffeeConnect as a standard.

    WMF CoffeeConnect provides you with the option to collect valuable machine data. Wherever you are, you can obtain an overview of your sales figures and current service information at any time. You will receive warnings which will let you know if you are running low on consumables or if maintenance is required. What's more, thanks to the system's bidirectional design, you can send tailored promotional offers from your desk directly to the display of a selected machine. The basic functions are available to you free of charge. WMF CoffeeConnect collects, analyses and processes data about your coffee machines, enabling you to optimise processes, reduce service costs and boost your sales.

    Total coffee or hot water output

    Approx. 72 (9.4 kW) / 110 (13.5 kW) litres per hour

    Nominal output

    9.4 oder 13.5 kW

    Power supply (depending on the model)

    Standard: 3/N/PE~ 50/60Hz 380-415 V

    Ground coffee hopper

    Approx. 2.5 kg per filling

    External dimensions (width / height * / depth)

    450 / 782 / 605 mm

    Empty weight (depending on the model)

    Approx. 65 kg

    Continuous sound pressure level (LpA) **

    < 70 dB(A)

    Water connection

    Water supply: 1/2" hose connector with mains tap and filter, customers on-site
    Flow pressure: min. 0.36 MPa (3.6bar) at 8 l/min ***)
    Drain line: Hose at least DN 40, downward slope 2 cm/m.
    Water temperature: max. 35°C

    * Height with 4 mm feet and with KMP-lid, no lock.
    ** The A-weighted sound pressure level LpA (slow) and LpA (impulse) in the operating personnel ́s workplace is always under 70 dB in every mode of operation (A).
    *** Usual pressure losses through the water connection set and water filter are considered, so that the machine flow pressure of 0.2 MPa (2 bar) at 8 l/min, that is required for the max. hourly output, is secured.


    • 2 ground coffee portioners
    • Quantity brewing arm
    • Pot brewing arm
    • Automatic granulate dosing
    • Power supply 8,5 - 10,1 kW / 400V
    • Water supply: 1/2" hose connector with mains tap and filter, customers on-site


    • Feet 100 mm
    • Power supply 12,4 - 14,7 kW / 400V


    Please select your desired model from the drop-down menu to download the corresponding planer data.

    03 8900 0010 2 ground coffee portioners

    Standard equipment

    Download planning data (ZIP, 2.56 MB)