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Heeft u nog vragen?

Onze business division helpt u graag verder. Zo kunt u ons bereiken.

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    Special mention for the WMF espresso design

    Special mention for the WMF espresso design

    Technological leadership always goes hand in hand with design quality at the WMF Group. This year’s German Design Award shows that this development maxim also holds true for a direct comparison with other manufacturers. The expert jury of the internationally renowned award honoured the WMF espresso portafilter concept with a special mention in the “Excellent Product Design Kitchen” category. The award recognises works with a design that demonstrates particularly successful aspects or solutions – it is an award that honours the commitment of companies and designers. The WMF espresso semi-automatic machine completely fulfils these requirements.


    The German Design Award is the premium international prize from the German Design Council. Its goal is to discover, present and honour unique design trends. The prize is awarded every year to high-quality submissions from the fields of product and communication design, which are ground-breaking in the world of international design. The German Design Award, first awarded in 2012, is one of the most renowned design competitions in the world and has an excellent reputation that extends far beyond the circles of experts.


    The WMF Group, which was honoured with a special mention in the “Excellent Product Design Kitchen” category for its WMF espresso semi-automatic machine, is among this year’s award winners. “The machine produces perfectly brewed espresso from portions of freshly ground beans – the process is absolutely reliable. The depot for ground beans, located under the suspended cup tray, combined with the conventional portafilters, resembles traditional bar espresso machines in terms of look and proportion. The use of a touch screen and hidden intelligence infuse this seemingly classic model with modern touches and transform every service employee into a barista”, the expert jury agrees.


    Since its launch in the spring of 2015, the WMF espresso portafilter machine has been a resounding success. The ability to conjure up a barista-quality espresso or café crème in just a few simple steps has impressed customers from all industries: from system caterers and hoteliers to Michelin-starred restaurants, bakeries and event cafes, as well as cruise line companies and catering companies. As the first representative of a new era of machines, the WMF portafilter makes it possible to produce “hand-made espresso at the touch of a button”. All manual steps that require whooshing, steaming and tapping are performed in the traditional barista style. The actual coffee production, however, is a fully automated process that runs in the background. Every cup – whether it is espresso or café crème – is of top quality thanks to the stability of this process. The customer inserts the portafilter into the machine and chooses the desired beverage – and that's it! Frothing milk at the same time is also child’s play. In addition to a traditional manual steam wand, the WMF espresso machine also has what is known as an “Auto Steam” function to automatically produce hot milk and foam in up to three different consistencies. 


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