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    In 1899, WMF made the first attempt at manufacturing a hotel coffee machine. 28 years later, the production of large-scale coffee machines was officially launched for the first time. Since then, our engineers have continuously developed WMF coffee machines into what they are today. And we haven’t stopped there.



    Production of the first WMF coffee machines at the company’s Göppingen site.


    Production of the first officially declared gas-powered large-scale coffee machine made from Cromargan – the 312 model.


    Production of the 301 machine model. The same design as the 312 model, but powered by electricity.


    Production of WMF coffee machines is relocated from Göppingen to Geislingen.





    Production ceases after the outbreak of the Second World War.


    Relaunch of coffee machine production in Geislingen.


    First major breakthrough on the coffee machine market with the 1000 model. A robust and user-friendly coffee machine.


    The 300 series from the 1930s is discontinued and a more advanced series is introduced. The machines are available in various sizes and are fitted with a boiler heated with steam or electricity.



    Bella Italia goes into production. The first models of modern espresso machines with a hand lever are marketed as the 7000 series.


    A revolutionary technological innovation, the Filtromat, is unveiled: it features a new boiler system that enables the separation of brewing water and steam.


    The Programat is introduced as the world’s first fully automatic and electronically controlled high-quantity brewing system, and receives a great deal of praise at the INTERNORGA trade fair in Hamburg.


    The first fully automatic coffee machine – the Etamat – is introduced. This can prepare café crème and speciality coffee (decaffeinated) using a special manual insert.




    Launch of the Cafemat, which is designed for making filter coffee only.


    The first Bistro speciality coffee machine is added to the WMF range as the demand for coffee specialities grows around the world. 65% of all of these Bistro machines are sold outside of Germany.


    The Filterjet – a combined appliance for filter coffee and specialities (single-cup fitting) – is launched.


    The WMF Variomat allows the brewing chamber to adapt continuously to the quantity of beverage being prepared.





    WMF is the first manufacturer to develop the option of making a latte macchiato automatically at the push of a button – establishing the company as a trend-setter.


    In March, the CombiNation S – a combined appliance for speciality coffees and filter coffee – is unveiled at INTERNORGA.


    Launch of the WMF Presto. The trend in favour of professional and inexpensive entry-level machines continues and overtakes the record-setting sales achieved by the Bistro.


    Launch of the Prestolino – a powerful, fully automatic entry-level machine.





    Launch of the WMF 2000 S. This closes the gap in performance left by the WMF Bistro and the WMF Presto.


    Launch of the WMF 1800 S – specifically designed for the self-service and office segment.


    Launch of the WMF 1200 S – a powerful, fully automatic entry-level machine.


    Launch of the WMF 8000 S – a new generation of machines. With an innovative design, touch screen display and revolutionary appearance, the new generation of appliances is born.





    Launch of the WMF 1500 S – the next level in a new generation of coffee machines. Successor to the WMF Presto.


    The WMF espresso is unveiled at the INTERNORGA trade fair in Hamburg, creating a sensation. This new and innovative portafilter machine earns significant praise thanks to its clever handling system and sleek appearance. It combines hand-crafted, flavourful coffee and indulgent milk foam in a single cup.


    Launch of the WMF 5000 S – an advanced version of the WMF 1500 S and a more powerful successor model to the WMF 2000 S. This is the first machine equipped with the new, patented Dynamic Milk system.



    Find out about our current products and learn more about our WMF speciality machines, WMF filter coffee machines, innovative portafilters, WMF espresso, and WMF system technologies.