Technical data

Recommended daily output / max. output per hour * up to 150 cups
Power rating / mains power connection ** 2.2 kW / 230 V
Entire hot water output / hour 18 l
Energy loss / day (DIN 18873-2) topping / basic milk 0.72 / 1.29 kWh
Coffee bean hopper 500 g (1000 g optional)
Choc / topping hopper (optional) 500 g
External dimensions in mm (width / height / depth) 326 / 676 / 556 mm
Water tank (tank model) 4 l
Empty weight depending on fittings approx. 30-40 kg
Continuous sound pressure level (LpA) *** <70 dB (A)
Illumination LED class 1

Subject to technical changes.

A WMF water filter must be used from 5° dKH (carbonate hardness).

* The performance depends on the cup size, quality settings, spout, equipment and power rating. The basis for the recommended max. performance is the respective stored service concept. These average values are for your guidance - let our trained WMF staff help you to compose your customised coffee machine solution tailored to your needs.
** Special models, see model label, specified values are basic set.

*** The A-rated sound pressure level Lpa (slow) and Lpa (impulse) in the workplace of the staff using the machine is less than 70 dB (A) in every mode.

WMF 1400 Classic

WMF 1400 Classic

Welcome world of coffee!

The WMF1400 Classic is a fully automatic speciality coffee machine and perfectly designed for the average need. Eight different Classic models with special fitting makes it possible to produce variants of coffee classics to coffee specialities with milk foam. Each WMF1400 Classic features a touch display, automatic cleaning program, beverage registration, hot water dispenser, dry discharge and LED lighting. Available with 4.5 liter flexible water tank or fixed water connection - the WMF1400 Classic is not interior to its big sisters in terms of quality and comfort! The coffee machine demonstrated the fact that it also looks good at one of the world’s largest design competitions. So it has been awarded the »reddot design award«.

Perfect speciality coffees

From Espresso to Chociatto, WMF 1400 Classic produces all of them in perfect quality with the simple press of a button.

Clear design

Elegant by day and a shining example of attractive design ideas by night.

Self-explanatory display

The machine is explained step by step in the display. In addition, all working steps and helpful hints are shown.

Excellent button layout

The button labelling is just as simple as the product configuration. Simply exchange finished text labels.

Narrow design

A WMF1400 Classic is only slightly wider than the long side of a DIN A4 sheet of paper. That is why there is room for two, even on the smallest counter.

Height-adjustable spout

The easily adjustable spout allows fill levels of 75 – 185 mm height.

Well-thought out containers

The containers can be closed before removal, making cleaning and filling considerably easier.

Easy maintenance

Basic maintenance work can be carried out yourself. Your machine is a rare sight for the WMF service engineers.

Fully automatic cleaning

and descaling with the simple press of the button. This saves time and reduces operating costs.

Large ground coffee container

The easy-to-reach, centrally housed ground coffee container has a large volumetric capacity.


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