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...fine, fresh filter coffee

Filter coffee enjoyment from the WMF cafemat! is certainly something special. The knowledge of over 100 years in coffee machine development has given rise to a perfection that makes drinking coffee into an experience. For in order to achieve the full flavour of perfect filter coffee, not only is the quality of the coffee and water crucial, but the finely tuned interplay of the brewing temperature and brewing time are also important. The WMF cafemat! works with a reliability that is indispensable for the professional's everyday life. Most people make coffee - good coffee is something for specialists: like the WMF cafemat!


  • One more beautiful than all the others: attractive design, high quality material - perfectly capable of being integrated.
  • Timer function: Programming the timer, which always supplies the set quantity of coffee in the holding container at certain times (with automatic repeat brewing)
  • Modularity: You can put together your own customised WMF cafemat! from a variety of equipment features.

Freshly brewed filter coffee at different times or automatic pre-brewed coffee at peak times?

The WMF cafemat! is as flexible as the requirements in catering and coffee supply are different. Depending on the design and individual composition, you will find the right device for every need. For small to medium coffee quantities, the fresh preparation of individual cups and pots as well as for large quantities of coffee at peak times.

The variant with the additional fresh brew function allows for the direct, fresh brewing of a cup or pot of coffee. There is the option of the small ground coffee container should a second type of coffee also be offered.

The filtered coffee stays fresh for a long time in the airtight, aroma-sealed storage container of the WMF cafemat! This allows for the quick preparation of large quantities of coffee at peak times or for events. Either you brew the coffee when you need it or or you can specify the times when the coffee should be brewed. The timer function ensures that, for example, there is always enough coffee in the storage container during the coffee break.


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